New Industrial Power
Designed larger space and compact wire distribution, it leads convenient to have big checking and maintenance. Auxiliary radiator and waterproof fuse box with clear function indication are standard for each IC forklift.
The small-diameter steering wheel with the full hydraulic power steering system provides excellent maneuverability. Convenient adjustable steering wheel with big angle, adapting to different operators.
Because of the new shaped tube material applied to the overhead guard, the cabin can be removable easily. With full glass cabin and less plastic design, the operator can wide view all surroundings easily.
Suspension pedals provide extra foot space helps significantly reduct the drivers fatigue and vibration from transmission, increas operation comfort.Full floating safeguard system and greatly improving the frame vibration and noise. High strength roof enhances the forklift reliability and safety
  • Comfort and Ergonomics

    The large assist grip, low step make getting on and off more smooth. 

    This can help reduce the operators fatigue. 

    The foot operation space be enlarged  by 20% to provide operator with  comfortable feeling.
    The multi-function Display offers useful information for operators and managers.
    Adjustable seat with right positioned control lever, reduce the operation fatigue.
    Energy Savings, Long Life LED Lights offer long life and low energy consumption.
    Hand parking brake device with button greatly reduces fatigue in operation, lighter and safer.
    Internal cylinder designe for dust-proof and avoid of potential demage.