New Industrial Power
Compared to conventional forklifts, RY LPG forklift has a super wide rear view for greater reversing safety by lowering the position of the LPG tank. It can be easily installed and removed in one minute. This ergonomic designed gas bracket is standard in each LPG forklift
The dual fuel (gasoline and LPG) with USA brand Impco convertor are available in RY forklift range. RY LPG forklift is also equipped with branded engine, quality components, professional quality control system to extend the service lift and also provides clients with extremely comport and productivity.
Taking ergonomic design into fully consideration, RY forklift enlarge the foot operation space by 25% compared to conventional forklifts to provide operators with s surprisingly comfortable way to get through each working minute.
Newly designed backrest and fork carriage with excelled for tip visibility and the newly designed overhead guard with wide upward visibility. Super wide view mast with hidden hose design dramatically improves the front and lifting visibility, ensuring the safety of operation.
  • Dual Suspension system

    Compared with conventional forklifts, suspension cab design can lower 30% vibration during driving. Pwertrain suspension structure limits the vibration from operation system. It can significantly reduce driver's fatigue.

    With 60mm less in diameter of the steering wheel, RY forklift dramatically improves the operation vision. It's easy to operate and reduce the operator's arm and shoulder's workload. The easy handling steering wheel column with tilt adjustment helps to provide the ideal operating position and improve the performance a lot.