New Industrial Power
This device can adjust the lifting and lowering speed, travelling speed, acceleration and driving brake time according to different working conditions, in order to improve the working efficiency and improve the comfort of the operator.
With operator presense security system, RY forklift can have the forklift stop moving forward when the operator leaves the seat which ensuring the safety of goods and people around at emergency situation.
With this system, RY 4Wheel battery forklift enables the operator very accurate forklift truck control. A forklift truck acceleration curve is selected according to the speed with which pedal is depressed.
RY forklifts come without parking lever but by automatic electromagnetism parking system. Once the truck stopped , the parking system started and the indicator shows the lights of (P)
  • Functions and Characters

     Full AC system (Pump and drive motor) Error code automatic alarm function. RY electric forklifts are equipped with the central controller system and divided function system. When there is any malfunction happens RY forklift will have wrong code and warning. The Operator can tell the reason of the malfunction easily and then to service the truck more accurate and fast.