New Industrial Power
Stronger structure Royal scissors is using stronger structure, This makes the machine with high stability and reliability. 100,000 times cycle test of working life of link; Static and dynamic stability tested;CE Certificated.Royal is using wider link, to improve the strength and avoid waggle, which is more wider than most of other brands. The width of Royal link: 910mm(ZS0812,1012,1212 series)
Innovated instructure pothole protection. When platform is raised, pot hole protection automatically engages, this will ensure safe operation in the events of uneven surfaces, prevent operator from the harm due to tip-over. Descent protection (Anti-pinch hand buffer) During the lowering down of link, when the height to ground is close to 2M, the platform will stop for 3- 5 seconds, to ensure other people around pay attention and leave, to avoid the harm to the operator.
Strong Gradeability 25% gradeability makes Royal scissor platform able to work in most working condition.Full proportional controlled driving and lifting Superior controller system achieves full proportional controlled driving and lifting, makes the machine more stable and efficiency.
Royal AWP will diagnose and send fault code to both PCU and ECU automatically when default occurs. Under the condition of full load, the max electric current of Royal AWP is 170A. This will extended the using time and using life of battery 20% ~30%; Tidy and reasonable inner layout, side open design provides big space for maintenance and service.
  • Comfort and Ergonomics

    The steering wheels are able to steering on one pot, reduce the turning radius ,so Royal scissor platform can work in narrow space.

    Once the hydraulic pipe leak or failed, the machine will start this safety system and remain the previous state, to protect the operator from the dangerous of falling.
    Both the PCU and the ground controller panel are equiped with emergency stop button to ensure the safety of operator when emergency situation occurs.

    Manual pump with button can help to release the brake when the machine is with fault and can’t operate.