New Industrial Power
According to the gravity balance principle, low gravity design is applied to RY forklift to ensure the stable and safe operations.
20% higher acceleration ability, surprisingly shortens the working time at the same working distance, and dramatically improves the working efficiency.
Considering safety and eneryry-saving, RY forklift attaches close attention to the development of hydraulic system and increase lifting and lowering speed to ensure the productivity.
Taking ergonomic design into fully consideration, RY forklift enlarges the foot operation space by20% compared to conventional forklifts to provide operators with a surprisingly comfortable way to get through each working minute
  • Mast Intelligent Buffering System  

     With intelligently declining buffer sensor on the two ends of the cylinder, the falling speed of the fork slows down automatically before it is 10cm from the ground, and the lifting speed to the top also slows down to avoid quick hit on the top, it super increases the safety of the goods and forklifts.