New Industrial Power
Light LED combination Lam is equipped on top of the overhead guard and standard on each RY forklift. Compared to normal lamp of conventional forklifts, LED lamp is lighter and with more durability. The reverse warning light will flash when you switched on the forklift and also flash when you reverse the forklift. This can warn people around and provide you with a safe working place.
Considering to improve the heat-releasing performance, RY forklift engineers design the best position of the engine fan, radiator and muffler. Together with the increased heat-release space in the counter weight, RY forklift performs at an excellent heat-releasing situation.
With stronger and high intensity spring, the newly designed engine cover can be open at 75 degrees to provide super wider space for inspection and service.
The large and easy-to-see multifunctional LCD display meter can have the operator check on all operational status at a glance. The key components and connectors have been protected to meet rain-proof and dust-proof level.
  • Mast Intelligent Buffering System

    With intelligently declining buffer sensor on the two ends of the cylinder, the falling speed of the fork slows down automatically before it is 10cm from the ground, and the lifting speed to the top also slows down to avoid quick hit on the top, it super increases the safety of the goods and forklifts.