New Industrial Power
To produce heavy duty forklifts, RY looked at the world driver-forklift relationship and then designed a heavy-duty truck that provides excellent driver ergonomics. You will notice the difference before you even start the smooth RY engine, First, a wide step provides easy entry and exit. This is especially welcome in applications.
Driver productivity has been increased by studying operational needs. Even occasional drivers will find RY heavy duty trucks simple and intuitive to drive. An inching pedal allows even more driving control when approaching racks or picking pallets.
The shifter lever can be operated with just the finger tips, boosting handling efficiency while reducing operator fatigue
An integral heavy duty chassis provides the driver with 20% more pretection from falling loades.
  • The Right Truck for The Heavy-Duty Job

    Ry 5-10ton forklift trucks offer load capacities ranging from 5 to 10 tones, delivering the right model for each specific customer requirement. A wide range of feature and options allows you to choose the truck that meets your specific needs and keeps your business performance at the highest possible level.